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Cross-Country Move

We helped our clients coordinate their relocation from Virginia. Among other services, we confirmed that their east-coast lender understood the effects of Califoria’s Proposition 13 on taxes for new buyers.

Bodega Bay Investment

This cottage in Bodega Bay was a good investment and a great deal for our clients!

Second time’s the charm!

Our clients put in an offer on this home months ago, and it was rejected. After it sat on the market for a while longer, we put in another offer, and this time the sellers accepted! Our persistence paid off, and now our clients are the happy owners of this retreat in Forestville.

Off-market lot sold!

The off-market lot we found for our clients has closed escrow. Congratulations to the buyers and seller!

Off-Market Lot in Escrow!

Our clients were looking for a specific type of lot, so we helped them find what they were looking for off-the-market, and worked with the owners to accept our clients’ offer. This will be a quick escrow!

19575 Stonegate sold!

We were delighted to represent both the buyers and sellers on this transaction!